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Welcome to C3D GAMES

In the Making!

Our games for this year range from action shooting to puzzle games, to mention a few LENKED is a puzzle game in the making and Astro Blades is an action shooting in the making.

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"We are passionate about making games and fun experiences"


WE MADE IT CLEAR from the begenning that Innovation is the key to distinguish yourself from others and C3D Games shall Innovate in its products, designs and services to meet customer demands and expectations.

We Believe in our Platforms

C3D Games aims at delivering quality games and products to customers and work on supporting the products we make for maximum customer satisfaction.


We publish our games on Valve Steam popular gameing platform.


Our games also can be found in Good Old Games platform.

Epic Store

You can find our games also on Epic Store by Epic Games.


We aim at publishing our games on consoles once we reach the trusted level by console manufacturers.